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Aftermath Proof-of-Execution Picture Lock

With the proof-of-execution footage for Aftermath now picture-locked, we are sending the footage out for color grading, audio mastering and music composition. Color correction will be done by Sean Meyers using DaVinci Resolve. We've reached out to several audio engineers about the sound engineering, which will take place in the following week. As for soundtrack,…
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Last behind-the-scene screenshots before picture-lock

Last of the behind-the-scene screenshots featuring cast and crew at work. Photos were taken in La Canada Flintridge, California. We will picture-lock the proof-of-execution footage tomorrow. Then onto the color-grading and sound mastering. Photos taken by Susan Gordon. Copyright 2017, Horsehead Cinema & Villa Pictures.
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Proof-of-execution and Behind-the-scenes footage editing

Behind-the-scenes footage editing completed. The first round of feedback for the first rough edit of the proof-of-execution footage should be coming in by the end of July 15, 2017. Color grading will begin the following week. Everything looks promising so far! Why children in a horror film and why fairy tales? Because fairy tales are…
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