Horsehead Cinema

Horsehead Cinema LLC is a privately owned motion picture production company founded in 2014 which produces films for the screen. Based in Pasadena, Glendora and Pomona California.

Steven Joshua Morrison is currently a Screenwriting Professor at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, teaching MFA, MA, BFA, and AFA classes. He majored in Geography and minored in Ethnomusicology at the University of California Santa Barbara; where he also took advanced screenwriting classes, was accepted into the Word Farm writer’s workshop, and won the Corwin Award for best screenplay. Following this, he earned his MFA in Screenwriting from Chapman University and was accepted as a Dodge Fellowship scholar. He’s written numerous short films that have been produced and garnered festival entry, while also being a Screenplay Judge for multiple festivals and competitions. His professional experience includes working as a copywriter at PacSun Inc. and teaching in primary and secondary education as well.

Nguyen N. is a University of California Santa Barbara graduate in Film Studies and Gender Studies. His film production career began in the editing room splicing together 16mm film on a Steenbeck machine. He also has a background in Computer Science, Web Design, and Accounting. His other interests include horology, literature, and chess.