Horror film shoot for Aftermath proof-of-execution finished

The proof-of-execution for the elevated genre horror film Aftermath has just finished shooting last Saturday on June 24th. A fully edited 3-4 minute reel is scheduled to finish by mid-July. Screenshots and behind the scenes footage to follow. Many special thanks to Richard Neil, Arye Rapini, Zoe Yale, and Zelly Meldal-Johnsen for each of their roles.

Thanks also goes to the cinematographer Eduardo Ramirez Gonzalez and his camera crew, our make-up artist M.J. DuBarr, set photographer Susan Gordon, sound mixer Becca Holland and especially our key Set Production Assistant Orshi Gyokeres who made the day go by smoothly for everyone.

Arye Rapini, Zelly Meldal-Johnsen and Zoe Yale on the set of the proof of concept horror film shoot for Aftermath

Arye Rapini, Zelly Meldal-Johnsen and Zoe Yale on the set of the proof of execution for Aftermath

Aftermath is an elevated genre horror film by Nguyen N. about a bitterly divorced storybook author who restarts her life in a new home where a spiritual presence influences her into violence against her children by bringing one of her storybooks to life.

The story is an unraveling ghost story that utilizes performance and atmosphere to terrify. Its horror is in the uncanny rather than the shockingly alien. According to Nguyen, as outlined in "Das Unheimliche" by Sigmund Freud, the "uncanny" is the only feeling more powerful experienced in fiction than reality; and hence more potent in art than in life. It is created through repetition, repression and the double - working on the most infantile of emotions - unconsciously familiar yet consciously unfamiliar at once.

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