Aftermath – Zoe Yale

Zoe Yale will be playing the role of "Alex" in the proof of execution shoot. We're glad to have her on board.

"Zoe Yale is one of the most talented, creative and hard-working young actors I've come across in some time.  The depth, intelligence, compassion and imagination in her acting choices always astonish and she's an absolute joy to work with!"


actress, Dark Skies

"Zoe was a total standout [...] and her work displayed an intelligence, discipline, spot-on instincts, and a depth that is unusual for someone her age."


The Michael Laskin Studio
Author of
The Authentic Actor

"Zoe Yale's work is unique and honest. She was a standout as a student and shows great promise as a real leading lady."


actor, Hill Street Blues
Directors Guild Award Winner

"Zoe is tremendously talented, versatile and is one of the hardest working actors that I have had the pleasure to train.  She is intelligent, insightful, mature and has a depth of emotion that is rare in such a young actress."


Head of UCLA Undergraduate Acting

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