Wild Arms

Wild Arms

Genre: Romance, Drama

In order to prevent her child from being born out of wedlock, a Louisiana bride hunts down a groom who runs out on their shotgun wedding with a gun gifted as a wedding present from her grandmother.

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  • Nicholl Fellowship Scoring March 24, 2017

    Nicholl Fellowship Scoring

    Here's a quick generic description of Nicholl scoring. Keep in mind that scoring is based on a 100-point scale. During the First Round, every script is read at least twice and every script received at least two scores. The higher of those two scores will determine which scripts would receive a third read.

    To receive a third read, a script might need a score of 80 or higher. This is designated a "high-score" for the purpose of selecting reader comment excerpts and also is occasionally called a "strong positive score".

    To determine which scripts advance to the Quarterfinal Round (about 5%), the best two of the three scores are considered.

    Designation          Scoring
    N/A                  Two scores under 60                      (2 reads)
    One positive score   One score under 60; one score 60-79      (2 reads)
    One strong score     Two scores under 60; one score 80+       (3 reads)
    Two positive scores  Two combined scores totaling 120-142     (2 reads)
    Top 20%              Two combined scores totaling 143-147     (2-3 reads)
    Top 15%              Two combined scores totaling 148-152     (2-3 reads)
    Top 10%              Two combined scores totaling 153-157     (2-3 reads)
    Next 100             Two combined scores totaling 158-159     (3 reads)
    Quarter-Finalist     Two combined scores totaling 160+        (3 reads)
    Semi-Finalist        Five combined scores averaging 80-85+    (5 reads)
    Top 30               Five combined scores averaging 85+       (5 reads)
    Finalist             Eight combined scores averaging 86-90+   (8 reads)
    Fellowship           Top 5

    Source: http://reelauthors.com/screenplay-coverage/how-to-win-a-Nicholl-Fellowship-1.php

  • Wild Arms – Screencraft Fellowship Quarter-Finalist March 21, 2017

    Wild Arms has moved into the Quarter finalist list of the 4th Annual Screencraft Fellowship program, culled from over 2,000 applications. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far.

    Click to view the complete quarter-finalist list.

    The chosen recipients will receive ongoing professional support and a special trip to Los Angeles for meetings and introductions to key entertainment executives, producers and representatives. To apply, simply submit your feature film script or original television pilot script on this application page. Apply now and join a growing community of visionary screenwriters with meaningful connections to Hollywood mentors.

    Past ScreenCraft Fellowship winners have optioned their projects and signed with top representatives at 3Arts, Anonymous Content, Paradigm Talent Agency, ICM, Bellevue Productions and more.

  • Nicholl Fellowship 2017 March 15, 2017

    Wild Arms and Aftermath have been submitted to the 2017 Nicholl Fellowship in time for the early-bird deadline.

    The Raven is receiving its final polish with the help of script reader, Amanda Pendolino, in time for the regular deadline. Its dialogue, setting, and new take on the horror genre promises to be one of the most singular unique reads.

    Read more about the Nicholl Fellowship.

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