The Raven

The Raven

Genre: Horror, History

A pious 1340s English farm girl and her brother battle to keep their ailing mother alive when the Black Plague sets upon their village in the form of a demonic bird.

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  • StoryPros 10th Annual Semi-Finalist June 3, 2017

    The Raven is a current StoryPros 10th Annual Awards Screenplay Finalist. Stay tuned for further results!

    StoryPros is owned and operated by award-winning screenwriters and professional studio readers

    Their analysts have worked for:

    ITC Entertainment
    I. R. S. Media
    DIC Entertainment
    Showscan Films
    Gordon/Rosson Agency
    Jack Scagnetti Agency
    Lynch/Frost Productions
    Ralph Edwards/Stu Billett Productions
    Film/Publishing Group
    Writer's Society of America - Top Rated Screenplay Expert

  • Nicholl Fellowship Scoring March 24, 2017

    Nicholl Fellowship Scoring

    Here's a quick generic description of Nicholl scoring. Keep in mind that scoring is based on a 100-point scale. During the First Round, every script is read at least twice and every script received at least two scores. The higher of those two scores will determine which scripts would receive a third read.

    To receive a third read, a script might need a score of 80 or higher. This is designated a "high-score" for the purpose of selecting reader comment excerpts and also is occasionally called a "strong positive score".

    To determine which scripts advance to the Quarterfinal Round (about 5%), the best two of the three scores are considered.

    Designation          Scoring
    N/A                  Two scores under 60                      (2 reads)
    One positive score   One score under 60; one score 60-79      (2 reads)
    One strong score     Two scores under 60; one score 80+       (3 reads)
    Two positive scores  Two combined scores totaling 120-142     (2 reads)
    Top 20%              Two combined scores totaling 143-147     (2-3 reads)
    Top 15%              Two combined scores totaling 148-152     (2-3 reads)
    Top 10%              Two combined scores totaling 153-157     (2-3 reads)
    Next 100             Two combined scores totaling 158-159     (3 reads)
    Quarter-Finalist     Two combined scores totaling 160+        (3 reads)
    Semi-Finalist        Five combined scores averaging 80-85+    (5 reads)
    Top 30               Five combined scores averaging 85+       (5 reads)
    Finalist             Eight combined scores averaging 86-90+   (8 reads)
    Fellowship           Top 5


  • The Raven – Historian Note to the Reader March 15, 2017

    Historian Note (to the reader):

    "The Raven" is a tale of the Black Death as it might have been experienced by ordinary village peasants in 14th century England during a time when religion and superstition were ubiquitous in everyday life - and in the face of a terror so horrifying it could not be explained any other way.

    Hence, much care was taken to portray the beliefs and attitudes of the characters as realistically as possible. For the sake of clarity, the dialogue is written in a stylized regional 16th century Elizabethan English, as much of the actual Middle English spoken and written at the time is too obscure for modern English speakers to understand.

    But for all its imagination, "The Raven" is still just a re- imagining of a true horror story from seven centuries past. A parable of faith, doubt, and fear.

    Nguyen N.

  • Nicholl Fellowship 2017 March 15, 2017

    Wild Arms and Aftermath have been submitted to the 2017 Nicholl Fellowship in time for the early-bird deadline.

    The Raven is receiving its final polish with the help of script reader, Amanda Pendolino, in time for the regular deadline. Its dialogue, setting, and new take on the horror genre promises to be one of the most singular unique reads.

    Read more about the Nicholl Fellowship.

  • The Dialogue of “The Raven” February 16, 2017

    Set against medieval mid-14th century England, a Elizabethan quality resonates in the language of the villagers. Unlike Shakespeare's plays, however, which strongly relies on monologue for its execution (also why Shakespeare adaptations to film tend to do very poorly), "The Raven" utilizes medieval English colloquialism in more everyday types of situations which lends more to its cinematic quality. Much effort went into adapting the nuances of "Middle English" (as it was known) usage in daily life.


  • The Raven or Earthly Power (The Village Closest to Hell) January 20, 2017

    Work has begun on developing "The Raven" as a follow-up to Aftermath in order to leverage the momentum of a horror film.

    The Raven, or Earthly Power (The Village Closest to Hell) follows the story of a 14th century English village that succumbs to hysteria of infection in the wake of the Black Plague (called the Great Mortality) that wiped out nearly half of the earth's population.

    Much of the characters, scenes, and dialogue come from actual historical sources of folk-lore and religious beliefs that were prevalent during the time.

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