Candyland (2017)

Candyland (2017)

Runtime: 16 minutes

Genre: Short, Comedy

Written & Directed by: Desmond Goldson

Produced by: Nadine Flores

Starring: Reese MishlerAnya ProfumoHilda BoulwareShelly DesaiAnthony JensenMarilyn Sue Perry

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David is an All-American teenage boy living in Sonoma California. After He is forced to go to prom alone by his controlling father because his date Tamika wasn’t acceptable. David’s father convinces him to go to the local whore house so he can lose his virginity. David is thrown into a world he knows nothing about and is forced to interact with people he normal wouldn’t talk to.

David meets Miss Gammy, a dirty old receptionist at the whore house who antagonizes him from the very beginning. David is then forced to mingle with Kabal, an abrasive man who is also waiting for a hooker. David is finally introduced to Candy; the old experienced call girl he has come to see. Miss Gammy Verbally Abuses David again before he and candy retire into the bedroom.

David looks around the dirty room before attempting to have sex with Candy. David is unable to perform so the two exchange candid details about past events that lead them to this moment. Candy expresses contempt for making life changing decisions. The two are interrupted by another couple successfully having sex.

Candy quiets the couple before David begins to explain his situation and his dark sexual fantasy. David attempts sex with Candy again before she suggests a blind-fold. In his darkness David realizes he’s fantasizing about men. David conforms Candy’s suspicion before the two head back down stairs. Before leaving Candy gives David advise on making his on decisions in his life. David leaves happier and has a better understanding of his self.

Behind the Scenes

Cast (order of appearance)

Reese Mishler        David
Anthony Jensen       Mr. Richardson
Hilda Boulware       Miss Gammy
Shelly Desai         Kabal
Marilyn Sue Perry    Cookie
Anya Profumo         Candy


Written & Directed by      Desmond Goldson
Produced by                Nadine Flores
Director of Photography    Iliya Gegov
Production Design          Theresa Corvino
Costume Designer           Lauren Bass
1st Assistant Director     Nadine Flores
2nd Assistant Director     Lauren Ivy
1st Assistant Camera       Nikita Dzyubenko
2nd Assistant Camera       Siyu Wang
Sound Mixer                Alex Chabot
Additional Sound Mixing    Blake Christian
Gaffer                     Parth Sutaria
Key Grip                   Dhrunad Kamle
Makeup                     Suzan Jones
Picture Editing            Nguyen N.
Re-recording Sound Mixer   Delmar Montgomery