The Raven – Historian Note to the Reader

Historian Note (to the reader):

"The Raven" is a tale of the Black Death as it might have been experienced by ordinary village peasants in 14th century England during a time when religion and superstition were ubiquitous in everyday life - and in the face of a terror so horrifying it could not be explained any other way.

Hence, much care was taken to portray the beliefs and attitudes of the characters as realistically as possible. For the sake of clarity, the dialogue is written in a stylized regional 16th century Elizabethan English, as much of the actual Middle English spoken and written at the time is too obscure for modern English speakers to understand.

But for all its imagination, "The Raven" is still just a re- imagining of a true horror story from seven centuries past. A parable of faith, doubt, and fear.

Nguyen N.

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