Aftermath (2018)

Horsehead Cinema and Villa Picture presents a Nguyen N. Production

A bitterly divorced storybook author restarts her life and career in a new home where an evil spirit influences her into violence against her two children through the characters in her storybooks.

Genre: Supernatural Horror, Drama

Produced & Written by: Nguyen N.

Production Company: Villa Pictures

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt5870184/

Facebook: facebook.com/aftermathhorrorfilm/

Proof of Execution Footage (August 30, 2017)

Proof of Execution (Behind the Scenes)

Latest News

  • Aftermath Proof of Execution Behind the Scenes Footage August 17, 2017

    Out at last!

    The proof-of-execution footage is out. Shot in under 10 hours with minimal crew, we are currently VFX-ing a ghost into some of the footage. In the meantime, enjoy some behind the scenes footage below.

    A current cut of the footage can be viewed here:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aftermathhorrorfilm/

  • Limited Public Test Screening July 29, 2017

    With the color correction completed, we'll be holding a limited public test screening of the proof-of-execution footage for Aftermath on August 15th. The purpose of the screening will be to gauge the audience's reaction to the film.

    Included in the screening will be behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot which will also feature on-camera cast interviews.

    Richard Neil full interview from the behind-the-scenes footage.

    Cast and crew at work

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